Ensures compliance and compatibility with Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Ensures equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in all areas. 
Ensures prestige and recognition of institutions with the certificate (in 75 countries by the WDU).



Where can it be applied?

Existing Structures
Projects in the Application Phase

Practice Sectors

Tourist Sector (Hotels, Arts & Culture Centre, Active Living Centres, Thermal Facilities and Sports Facilities) 
Commerce Sector (Factories, Airports, Banks, Restaurants, Shopping Centres)
Public Institutions and Private Institutions (Schools/ Universities, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Health Centres, judiciary, Municipalities, Public Spaces)

Who benefits?

Physicall Disabled 
Visua|ly Disabled 
Hearing and Speech Disabilities 
Baby Carriage
Elderly and Children 

Certification Levels



Application form downloaded from ustadcertification.org delivered to USTAD or GlobalGROUP by e-mail or fax,
Quotation / contract is prepared and signed,
Planning of USTAD Audit.

Pre-Audit (Gap Analysis)

Information and evidence relevant to the USTAD 201 1 :2015 Environmental and Construction Standards obtained 
Conformity is monitored against the legal requirements. 
Decision on whether organisation is ready for Certification Audit.
Institutions/organisations are audited according to the terms of the USTAD 2011:2015 Environmental and Construction Standards

Corrective Actions

lnstitutions/organisations analyse the root causes of non-conformities
Corrective actions and Objective evidence should be sent to us within a maximum of 180 days.
Corrective actions and Objective evidence are reviewed by the Lead Auditor and the information is given to institution / organization.
If corrective action does not comply with at least the "silver certificate" of the USTAD 2011:2015 Environmental and Construction Standards, Certification audit will not be carried out.

Certification Audit

Institutions/organisations Audited according to Pre-Audit results (Non-conformities and Opportunities for Improvements) and USTAD 2011:2015 Environmental and Construction Standard, 
Information and Objective Evidence relevant to the standards obtained and transition to the Certification stage 


lnstitutions/organisations are certified in accordance to compliance percentages with the USTAD Standard (Platinum, Gold or Silver).