WDU-AP is a project created by World Disability Union. The WDU is as a global organization and WDU members will play an active role in this project. We aim to provide opportunities for procuring the useful technical assistive products which increase the quality of life of persons with disabilities. We want to make sure this procurement is easy and we aim to break the control of the monopolistic market economy. This project will create the groundwork for changing the disadvantages of persons with disability, into advantages by empowering them to have increased control over their own lifes. This is extremely important as persons with disabilities comprise the largest minority in the World.

The WDU will organize the structure of this Project from planning to implementation. WDU members will strategically cooperate in order to provide many other useful and favourable results such as adhereing to Universal Standards for Disability (USTAD), increasing the quality of life and achieving economic and other advantages.


WDU-AP Central Administration Unit will make various agreements with the related partners regarding determined aims to realize the instituonal, legal, technical and commercial structure of the organization.

It will complete preparations for structuring the functioning of the organization by making distrubution agreements with many manufacturers from all over the World.

It will provide the organization's gainning functionality by making cooperation agreements on legal basis with the ones who want to get involved in the organization among WDU members.

It will prepare an e-trade technical framework and a web platform for the advertising and marketing of suitable products , and where communication of organization representatives will be possible.

Members will be continually updated regarding the current situation and functioning of the organization transparently and periodically.

Country representatives will announce their involment in the WDU-AP project to the area they represent and inform the Center regarding product demands.

According to the demands, the Center will provide the country representative with high quality , highly functional, reasonably priced products.

Country representatives will ensure the demanded products are delivered to the end users properly according to the directions from the Center.

The profit achieved by the functioning of the project will be shared between the beneficiaries at the ratios and conditions which are defined within the signed agreements.