World Disability Union (WDU) Accreditation System is a registration system which inspects and approves conformity of enterprises in guidance of Universal Standards for Persons with Disabilities.


International contracts are bounding for the undersigned state parties with regard to their internal law. State P arties continuously report to UN in frame of the agreements they approve. State Parties who undersigned the UN convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities need approval certificates from the autonomous institutions that they have fulfilled their liabilities in line with universal standards in time and correctly. According to international law the State Authorities can not be the per former and appr over simultaneously. Hence, WDU-AC accreditation will be an inevitable necessity for the registration of the services provided by the related bodies and that are liabilities to the State Parties who approved and undersigned the UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Aim 

With a disabled potential of nearly 15% of the global population, we aim to be an active, effective, functional power with sanctions against institutions and organisations, contributing to the development of realistic social policies, establishing cooperative activities and powers between NGOs representing disabled persons, and providing direct and effective services to increase the financial and management capacities of disabled persons. 

Our Goal

Prevention of disability 
Equality of Opportunity 
"Improvements" in Rehabilitation 
Universal Standards




The objective of WDU-AC Accreditation is to carr y the efforts that are necessary for lifewithout barriers beyond personal or corporative frame and make them universalized. The main target of this accreditation system is thestandardization of the characteristics and quality ofaccessible Products, Services and Employees byexperts, and organization of registration of the enterprises all over the world according to these standards. With this systematic approved by 75 countries, a major increase is projected in improvement of accessibility level of persons with disabilities.