WDU is a large organization which consists of member organizations all around the world and millions of interlocutor waiting for services from it. Supporting this structure with a strong membership system to perform global services more effectively, will provide WDU to take stable, firm and big steps. WDU creates an influential advantage by bringing together its interlocutors all around the world within WDU-Pass Card System. There are various privileges and advantages for members in this system with an agreement between WDU and global brands. When companies and members are integrated into WDU-Pass Card System they will contribute to further development and strengthening of this system in time due to the many advantages that they will have.


WDU starts a membership campaign through country representatives all around the world. WDU-Pass Card which is valid /available worldwide is given to members. Cards are issued as privately-owned. WDU makes advantageous agreements with various firms all over the world. With the necessary technical arrangements for the use of WDU-Pass Card in the contracted stores, the integration of firm is provided. Firms registered in the system will pull WDU members into their own stores as well as taking attention of non-members by exposing WDU logo visible to customers .If the WDU member shops from the store with WDU logo will have discount or advantages envisioned in the agreement. Firm will have tax reduction by specifying payments as expenses such as annual membership fees to WDU and payment to use WDU logo in accordance with their country's taxation system. In terms of these features of being integrated in WDU-Pass Card System will be attractive for firms. WDU will announce newly participated firms and provided advantages on their monthly bulletins. Thus, the effective functioning of the system is ensured and a widespread advertisement opportunity is given to firms. The expired members and firms will be contacted and the continuation of their membership will be provided. So; a strong and continual financial resource for WDU is created and "Social Awareness" principle is disseminated effectively.