Being an association as a qualified International status, established with the Council of Ministers Decision, inclusive, an organization is solution oriented project development and practice. WDU by 300 members of 75 country Established in Istanbul.

WDU Management

Under the chairmanship of the visually impaired artist Metin Şentürk, 16 countries are performed by the elected members.

WDU Regional Offices

WDU Africa Office / Sudan
WDU Africa Office / Philadelphia
WDU Arab Peninsula Regional Office / UAE
WDU Asia / Pakistan
WDU European Offices / Germany | UK | Kosovo
WDU Caucasia Office / Azerbaijan

Our Aim

World disabilities potential of reaching 15% of the population, against institutions and organizations enforceable, active, effective and functional make potential, realistic social policy contribute to the formation, representing people with disabilities NGOS established between cooperation and facilities to increase their financial and management capacity Offers direct and effective services to the disabled people.

Our Goal

Prevention ofdisability
Equality of Opportunity
Rehabilitation "lmprovement5"
Universal Standards

Our Values



WDU World Disability Union, with 300 organizations from 75 countries global and inclusive as an organization Established in Istanbul.
WDU was introduced in UN, New York.
WDU Accreditation Centre was established in Istanbul.
Universal Standards Manual was prepared for people with disabilities.
WDU USTAD 75301 Accreditation System was declared.
USTAD 2011:2015 Environment and Construction Standards were actualized.

Our Agenda

Conscious struggle against the result with reason of the disability "Prevention of Disability"
Disability management practices of local social policies ofthe State in respect of which the assignment is to contribute to the universal standard
Action projects with financial and management of NGOs to develop by increasing the capacity, quality representation capabilities
National and international social fund to be developed and contribute to the efficient using of resources

Hold a meeting with side of the institutions to perform UN World Action Plan for people with disabilities all over the world and that is made traditional
Contribute to the creation of specialized areas for the disabled people by establishing cooperation and collaboration with universities, Health, Education, Law, Architecture and Social branch

Contribute to join the people with disabilities in society actively and effectively by doing the work of "Social Consciousness" and "Awareness"

The integration of disjointed local efforts that are made for the disabled people in the world[tirnak]s various locations

Culture, giving honour in sports with disabilities in these areas to encourage the variety of arts development of working for the disabled people


Daily Living Aids for the Disabled
Accessible Tourism
Disabled Tourism
Seniors Tourism
Health Tourism
WDU Pass Card

Thematic Projects

Perception of the World Report on Disability "PWRD"
Integrated Education Common Application Model "lECAM"
Statistics Data Collection

Our Campaigns

1 USD campaigns; 100 countries, 100 Accessible School
Unhindered Film Festival

Our Campaigns

Unhindered World Resort - Antalya
Unhindered Olympic Sports Complex - Istanbul
Geriatri Centre - Yalova
Technical Medical Manufacturing Centre - Istanbul
Children[tirnak]s Rehabilitation Centre - Istanbul
Eurasia and Rehabilitation Spinal Cord Sifahane Centre - Istanbul
Disabled Animals Rehabilitation Centre - Istanbul