As organizations of Persons with Disabilities from 6 continents and 75 countries, declare to the world, in particular to the people concerned, responsible, authorized, in charge and incumbent, that:

We have founded the World Disabled Union "WDU" in Istanbul, of which we are the members and representatives of, on an inclusive and global basis;

We embrace 1.1 O0.000.000 disabled people on earth with "no discrimination" and with the consciousness of representation and vision of service;

We will in the strongest manner and on a continuous basis propose, request and follow the improvement of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the implementation of the Services and Applications in accordance with the Universal Standards under the principles of Prevention of Disability, Equality of Opportunities, Rehabilitation and Standardization;

We will establish the necessary link between the CONCERN (NC-10s), KNOWLEDGE (University), POWER (Authority) in a systematic and strategic manner;

We will form strong and open collaborations and join forces with the Regional and General Authorities, the Universities and all international organizations, primarily the UN, in a positive and solution-oriented manner.